From the most senior attorneys in the firm down to administrative staff, deep experience is present. Moreover, these experienced practitioners work together as an efficient and effective litigation and legal services team to provide clients with the highest level of legal representation. The firm is able to provide, through our attorneys, staff and experience, a suite of relevant services tied together to form an effective legal representation strategy.  Our attorneys and support team includes:

Steven A. GibsonSteven A. Gibson Esq.

Direct 702.541.8200

Cell 702.499.4966


Raisha Y. GibsonRaisha Y. (“Drizzle”) Gibson

Direct 702.541.7889

Cell 702.334.7402


JD Lowry, Esq.J. D. Lowry, Esq.

Direct 702.815.0714



Dave headshots 009

David White

Direct 702.815.0703