Trademark Litigation

The Firm has well over a decade of experience in litigating trademark and service mark infringement for both plaintiffs and defendants in various courts across the country. Mark litigation requires a deep understanding of the complex tests that are associated with the evaluation of whether infringement has occurred. A creative appreciation for how marks are used in commerce and the nuances associated with the legal environment is all necessary. Moreover, as the Lanham Act, which is the federal statute that often governs these disputes, protects both owners and consumers, there are a variety of public policy concerns at play in mark litigation. All of these considerations should be present in a potential client’s decision on which counsel to choose – and whether that counsel immediately appreciates all of these considerations. Having litigated mark infringement for large media companies, technology companies and variety of other industrial concerns, the Firm is well-versed in very challenging cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. The Firm’s detail-oriented and zealous advocacy is well-placed in the context of mark litigation.