Gibson Lexbury LLP

Our Mission

Gibson Lexbury LLP (the “Firm”) has amongst its partners some of the most experienced attorneys in the areas of business formations (and taxation), business transactions, intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, patent infringement and confidential information) and technology transactions. Steve Gibson in particular has over a quarter century of experience providing legal services in the areas of intellectual property and the business strategies associated with same as well as a wide-array of business transactions.

The Firm’s approach to all practice areas is to strive for a balance of providing legal services with excellence, but keeping in mind the practical needs of the Firm’s clients.

Our goal is not to merely provide the most sophisticated legal product possible, but understand that the needs of our clients require a further understanding of practicality and materiality, i.e., what’s important. A hallmark of our Firm is thoughtfulness and substantial strategic assessment in all phases of the legal project. Whether in litigation or transactions, we will attempt to assess all options, weigh them and come up with a legal strategy that views all angles known to us. Much of our work is occupied with collaborative thinking amongst attorneys in the Firm and with our clients. We are not a law Firm for clients who are looking for an attempted barebone approach.

Our thoughtful approach has a proven track record of results.

That having been said, as we have controlled our overhead, our rates are very reasonable. Indeed, for experienced attorneys coming from leading national and international law Firms with large, financial center practices, our rates are significantly lower than those you will find amongst our competitors. Indeed, our rates are very competitive from a purely Las Vegas perspective.