Trademark Prosecution

The Firm has both attorneys and staff with decades-long experience in trademark prosecution. A significant part of a cost-effective approach involves experienced paralegal capability. Raisha (“Drizzle”) Gibson has over two decades of paralegal-level experience and over a decade of paralegal work in the trademark area. That deep level of experience in working directly with the Firm’s trademark attorneys makes for a very smooth and effective team-oriented level of service. The Firm’s attorneys also have not only substantial experience (over twenty years) in prosecuting marks before the United States Patent & Trademark Office in Washington D.C., but have also appeared before the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board in Arlington, Virginia on requisite occasions to advance the interests of clients pursuing trademark registration. In addition, the Firm’s attorneys have substantial experience in managing international mark portfolios with counsel in Europe and Asia. The Firm is prepared to discuss flat fee mark application work as low as five hundred dollars per application (not including filing fees), and if more than one application is sought for related marks at the same time, the Firm is prepared to discuss flat fee work that provides even better pricing for those additional applications. These are highly competitive rates – particularly given the highly experienced practitioners involved.